Using git


In this tutorial we’ll be covering the basics of git, as well as referencing some of the more advanced user functions of git. The focus will be on getting started using git. For further investigation of the git environment the general recommendation is the git book as published on the git-scm website.

Of the git-book I recommend reading chapter 1, 2, 3 and 5. Note that in chapter 5 there are great explanations on how collaboration is to be done in git. Specifically here and here. Finally, I can highly recommend this cheat sheet.

Below there is a table of contents. Simply click the chapter to be read to go there.

  1. Starting a git repository
  2. Cloning a git repository
  3. Adding content to the repository
  4. Branches using git
  5. Keeping track of servers
  6. Synchronising

Appendix A; Conventions and best practices in Git

Questions can be asked in the comments below, on the forums. For those not interested in working with the terminal, on Windows, Git Extensions provides a great user interface.

Further reading

And some videos on git:

Also the try-git course at code school is a brilliant hands on tutorial!

For those interested in the slides (be warned not much to look at), those can be found here.