The Andromeda kernel is a kernel written for educational purposes. The project is currently in active development.

Currently the kernel can do a number of things:

  1. Boot using Grub Legacy
  2. Boot using Grub2 (But only if the weather is right, we haven’t tested this very well yet).
  3. Keep track of memory and allocate it when necessary.
  4. Handle interrupts
  5. Load a simple scheduler. (It’s an experiment more than a feature though).

Sources can be found at github, and a documentation based on a compilation of the comments in the code can be found here.

Things we are aiming to develop are:

  1. A virtual file system layer,
  2. Networking subsystem,
  3. Scheduler (a real one this time),
  4. Tons of drivers,
  5. A context switcher (this goes with the scheduler),
  6. A memory prober,
  7. And user space.

Now I’m sure we’ve forgotten to mention a couple of things, so if you have a feature for us, please send us a pull request on github, or on the mailing list.