In the kernel there is a number of things still to do before it gets usable. Below we’ve provided a list of things that are still to be done. The things to be done range from spelling fixes to implementing core features, writing drivers and building file systems.

  • Driver model
  • File system model
  • Memory management mechanisms/policies
  • Scheduling mechanisms/policies
  • A config editor has to be built, in order to toggle flags in the kernel, and select other architectures.
  • Provide a task swiching mechanism
  • Make a multitasking policy (Already a stub there)
  • Fork the first process
  • Implement system calls (made start, no progress)
  • Make stdin, stdout and stderr go through streams
  • Implement pipes and stream through files
  • Enable process protection mechanism (in progress)
  • Build process protection policy
  • Get the initrd from Grub
  • Mount the initrd
  • Start first task (/bin/init) from initrd
  • Build a kernel level command interpreter (Just to be able to usefully deal with user input, helps us show things off to the public)
  • Fix spelling errors.
  • Rework code to comply with the coding standards